The Case For Support Exercises

It’s time to start building your Passion Document

Key points to think about when creating these stories:

  • What is the story you are presenting to the donor which will connect and resonate with them on a personal level?

  • Why do you think this story will resonate with the donor? How is it relevant to them?

  • What is the urgent need of your story? Why does the donor need to act now?

  • Is your story emotive?

  • How will the donor’s gift change lives and how many lives will it change?

  • Can the donor easily translate the gift amount you’re asking for into the impact their gift will make?
    Brain describes this as “How will it change the world I live in?”

  • How will you present the case for support to the donor? What images, videos and design collateral will be needed?
    Remember from Brian’s video, , if you’re asking for anything in that vicinity of six, seven figures, you need to be thinking about presenting in a much more professional way that your donor immediately not only gets the impact that the case is communicated to them

You first need to start with an extended case document which is the foundational document of your project and can be anywhere up to 30,000 words long. This is NOT to present to your donor.

The extended case then gets boiled down to the Passion Document which is then presented to the donor.