Timing And Target Exercises

Exercises to complete for this module:

The Timing

  1. When’s the best time for you to run your programme and what are the factors that will influence that?

  2. Does your timing conflict with any significant calendar days which could influence the major gift?
    For example, Christmas, elections, school holidays if any major donor prospects have kids.

  3. Do you need to hire a new person into your organisation to manage the programme? Or do you have a resource available now? Or is it something you need to budget in at another time for your programme?

    The Target

  4. How much does your nonprofit want to raise? And how much do you need to raise?
    Remember from Brian’s video that the ‘want’ and ‘need’ are two different questions.

  5. Do you think your target is reasonable?
    Describe your answer in detail.

  6. Using the gift chart template under ‘Materials’ for this module, at what level are you able to meet your target?
    Your gift chart should carefully consider the size of the gifts required.

  7. What number of gifts do you need to you help achieve your target?
    You need to lay out how many $100,000 gifts or $50,000 gifts, or even $1,000 or $5,000 gifts you need to reach your target.

Tip to remember:

Your program must meet your donors needs and assures them that they are contributing to something that will be successful.