Interview with Bianca Crocker FFIA CFRE

Finalist for Global Fundraiser award, 2012 Young Fundraiser of the Year, Founder & Managing Director at Small Non-Profits Alliance.

Supporting small non-profits to make an impact

After starting her fundraising career at Whitelion and then LifeFlight, in 2011 Bianca established her own coaching and consultancy business, focusing on supporting smaller organisations. Today, through founding the Small Non-Profits Alliance, she helps bring together small charities to connect with each other and relevant experts, so they can grow and fulfill their mission as well as attract more donors and volunteers.

Interview covers

  • Background story
  • Success of Whitelion
  • Donor engagement
  • Fundraising at LifeFlight
  • Becoming FIA Young Fundraiser of the Year and other awards
  • Founding Fish Community Solutions and Small Non-Profits Alliance
  • Coaching & mentoring small charities
  • Final piece of advice