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Give your development team the right ingredients to amplify your nonprofit’s message

Interview with Tycely Williams CFRE (USA)

Running time: 51 minutes

For 20+ years, Tycely Williams has negotiated investments of more than $100 million dollars for social good and is currently the Chief Development Officer at America’s Promise Alliance.

Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset and innovation in your fundraising efforts

Interview with Juan Cruz Mones Cazon (ESP)

Running time: 50 minutes

Juan Cruz Mones Cazon is the Head of Global Fundraising Innovation for UNICEF based in Geneva. Previous to this role, Juan spent 20+ years as a fundraiser in different international organisations such as Plan International, Greenpeace and SOS Children Villages. Juan has given many lectures, courses and workshops to nonprofits about how to embrace innovation to leverage their impact.

Creating a fundraising strategy that gets donors investing in your cause

Interview with Juan McGruder CFRE (USA)

Running time: 54 minutes

Juan McGruder is the newly appointed Vice President for Advancement at Oglethorpe University in Georgia USA. Previous to this role, Juan was the Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer at Junior Achievement of Georgia, where he was responsible for state-wide fundraising and development initiatives.

Having a growth mindset for smaller charities to become successful

Interview with Alice Ferris ACFRE (USA)

Running time: 65 minutes

Alice Ferris has 30+ years fundraising experience and is a Founding Partner of GoalBusters Consulting. Alice is also a three-time honoree as AFP-Northern Arizona Fundraising Professional of the Year and was the 21st recipient of the AFP Founders’ Medallion.

Building and sustaining a strong relationship with corporate partners

Interview with Heather Nelson CFRE (CAN)

Running time: 42 minutes

Heather Nelson focuses exclusively on raising money from companies for non-profits and has developed an extensive following of fundraisers who want to join her in raising money based on building relationships and impactful partnerships.

Making bequests and major gifts fundraising your highest priority

Interview with Russell James (USA)

Running time: 55 minutes

Professor Russell James spent over 25 years as a planned giving fundraiser, an estate planning attorney in private practice, a major gifts fundraiser, and now as a university professor at Texas Tech University researching charitable giving and fundraising.

How we behave as humans impacts how we give to charities

Interview with Bernard Ross (UK)

Running time: 47 minutes

Bernard Ross is an internationally regarded fundraising expert in strategic thinking, organisational change and personal effectiveness. Over Bernard’s 30+ year fundraising career, Bernard has helped nonprofit organisation achieve their fundraising goals, which includes the British Red Cross, NSPCC, Macmillan Cancer and more.

Putting a strong emphasis on ‘loving your donors’

Interview with Dominique Leeming (NZ)

Running time: 57 minutes

Dominique Leeming has over 20 years fundraising experience in New Zealand and is currently the General Manager of Marketing & Fundraising at SPCA NZ. Dominique is also a FINZ Fellow and won the NZ Fundraising Leader of the Year Award and Supreme Fundraising Excellence Award in 2019.

Creating a sustainable fundraising program that continually engages donors

Interview with Ken Miller CFRE (USA)

Running time: 64 minutes

After a long career in sales and marketing, Ken Miller is now the President and lead consultant of Denali FSP Fundraising Consultants, a fundraising consulting firm that emphazises best practices sustainable fundraising and works with nonprofits throughout Alaska.

Choosing the right CRM system for your small nonprofit

Interview with Stephen Mally CFRE (AUS)

Running time: 49 minutes

Stephen Mally CFRE FFIA is the Director of FundraisingForce, a boutique consulting firm specialising in fundraising strategic plans; direct marketing mystery shopping and database or CRM analysis searches.

Building a nonprofit and finding key people of influence that can impact fundraising

Interview with Madeleine Buchner OAM (AUS)

Running time: 40 minutes

Madeleine Buchner founded Little Dreamers Australia at age 16 which today employees 40+ staff and has raised over $1.5m to support more than 4000 families in Australia. In 2019, Madeleine was the recipient of the Order of Australia Medal.

Define your legacy giving proposition and communicate effectively

Interview with Ligia Pena CFRE (CAN)

Running time: 48 minutes

Over the past 20 years Ligia Pena has worked as a fundraiser for organizations in Canada and internationally and was previously the Global Legacy Manager for Greenpeace International. Today, Ligia is a highly sought after legacy fundraising coach and consultant through her consultancy Globetrotting Fundraiser.

The Surprising Gift of Doubt

Interview with Marc Pitman (USA)

Running time: 32 minutes

Marc Pitman is an international leadership coach, fundraising trainer and author. Marc helps nonprofit board members and staff get excited about asking for money.

Create compelling content that connects with donors and analyze based on lifetime value

Interview with Tom Ahern (USA)

Running time: 48 minutes

Tom Ahern is a highly sought-after fundraising copywriting and donor communications expert. In 2016, the New York Times wrote that Tom Ahern “is one of the country’s most sought-after creators of fund-raising messages.” 


Execute Donor-Centered Fundraising within your organization

Interview with Penelope Burk (CAN)

Running time: 68 minutes

With over 40 years fundraising experience, Penelope Burk is considered one of North America’s best fundraisers and was even voted number two in America’s Top 25 Fundraising Experts as published by Philanthropy Media.

Build stronger donor relationships and apply fundraising best practices

Interview with Ken Burnett (UK)

Running time: 68 minutes

In 2007 Ken Burnett was recipient of Professional Fundraising magazine’s ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award and the UK Institute of Fundraising’s ‘Lifetime Contribution’ award.

Approach and apply digital storytelling strategically

Interview with Julia Campbell (USA)

Running time: 49 minutes

Julia is the author of two digital storytelling books for non-profits and her focus in to increase the clarity, confidence, and capacity of nonprofits in the areas of social media marketing and online fundraising.

Executing your digital fundraising strategies with impact

Interview with Jonathan Dawson (AUS)

Running time: 42 minutes

Jonathan Dawson lead UNICEF Australia’s digital campaigns for over three years before starting his mission driven digital agency, Digital Ninjas.

Start planning for major gifts fundraising and capital campaigns

Interview with Amy Eisenstein ACFRE (USA)

Running time: 34 minutes

Amy Eisenstein has helped small and large nonprofits raise millions of dollars through major gift and capital campaigns, board development, annual fund campaigns, direct mail, and planned gift solicitations.

How to lead a charitable organization from the front

Interview with Nigel Harris CFRE (AUS)

Running time: 51 minutes

Nigel Harris is a highly established and recognized non-profit sector leader after 25 years as the CEO of Mater Foundation in Australia. 

Fire your lousy non-profit board members!

Interview with Simone Joyaux ACFRE (USA)

Running time: 52 minutes

Simone Joyaux is a world renowned fundraising expert and for the past 30+ years Simone has specializes in Board management, Fund Development and Strategic Planning.

The art and science of fundraising to raise more funds

Interview with Sam Laprade CFRE (CAN)

Running time: 32 minutes

Sam Laprade is a talented fundraising strategist with 30+ years experience in fund development, donor analytics, donor relations, PR and media relations.

How to create successful grant proposals for your non-profit

Interview with Diane H Leonard (USA)

Running time: 48 minutes

Diane H Leonard’s grant writing consultancy DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services has secured more than $66.75 million in competitive grant funds for their non-profit clients.

Create impactful monthly giving and mid-level giving programs

Interview with Harvey McKinnon (CAN)

Running time: 51 minutes

Harvey is recognized as one of North America’s leading fundraising experts. He is the author of four acclaimed books, and is the co-author of the #1 international best-seller The Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us All.

The importance of ‘Fundraising Freedom’

Interview with Valerio Melandri (ITA)

Running time: 33 minutes

Valerio teaches his students at the University of Bologna the “Principles and Techniques of Fundraising” and is the director of the Masters program in Fundraising.

Having talented fundraising staff is your competitive advantage

Interview with Kishshana Palmer CFRE (USA)

Running time: 42 minutes

Kishshana Palmer is a sought-after fundraising strategist, speaker, trainer and coach for non-profit organizations.

Nurturing the relationship before asking for a major gift

Interview with Gail Perry CFRE (USA)

Running time: 43 minutes

Gail Perry’s Fired-Up Fundraising approach has helped non-profit organizations raise hundreds of millions in gifts over the past 30+ years.

How different leadership styles affect your fundraising efforts

Interview with Marc Pitman (USA)

Running time: 60 minutes

Marc Pitman is an international leadership coach, fundraising trainer and author. Marc helps nonprofit board members and staff get excited about asking for money.

Having an impact with your legacy fundraising program

Interview with Richard Radcliffe (UK)

Running time: 47 minutes

With over 40 years experience in fundraising, Richard Radcliffe has written (or helped draft) more than 700 successful legacy fundraising strategies.

From vision to $5M in revenue in five years

Interview with Kylie Wallace (AUS)

Running time: 56 minutes

Kylie Wallace turned an idea into a global movement of 93,000 fundraisers, 62,000 donors from 110 countries around the world, raising $5 million dollars in five years for ygap’s Polished Man campaign.

First steps in implementing a monthly giving program

Interview with Erica Waasdorp (USA)

Running time: 47 minutes

Erica Waasdorp has 20+ years of experience in direct marketing for non-profits. Erica has spoken at a multitude of nonprofit conferences, ranging from fundamentals of fundraising, to international fundraising, to direct mail and monthly giving.

Be analytical with every dollar you invest in fundraising

Interview with Carl Young CFRE (AUS)

Running time: 61 minutes

Carl is one of Australia’s most successful fundraising leaders and has been the Philanthropy and Fundraising Director at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for almost ten years.

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