The story of Fulfilled

On-Demand Fundraising Inspiration For Fundraisers and Nonprofits

Hi everyone


Jake here from Fulfilled.

Thank you for showing interest in the work we’re doing here, which is creating a new approach to learning fundraising. Fulfilled provides video on-demand content designed to educate and mentor nonprofits on fundraising strategies and fundraising best practices.

How do we do this? Well, rather than simply passing on our own fundraising knowledge, Fulfilled seeks out answers from world leading fundraising experts through a unique interview style approach which is then distributed through our website and our e-learning platform.

Where the idea to start Fulfilled came from

As you’ll know, working as a fundraiser is hectic yet rewarding; it’s at times isolating yet it’s fulfilling; and in the craziness of appeal time it feels like it’s impossible to find time in your calendar to enhance your professional development.

When I was able to take two days out from my work and attend a fundraising conference to learn from other fundraisers, I felt rejuvenated and inspired to bring fresh new ideas back to my cause and make a bigger impact. 

But as the weeks went on, the fresh new ideas faded and the environment which had existed to learn from other fundraisers was no longer available. The worst part was that there was no room in the following year’s budget to attend another conference.

And so it started

In 2019, we started interviewing some of the best fundraisers in Australia, and brought all that knowledge and experience of theirs to the Fulfilled website.

And now we’ve talked with some of the best fundraisers in the WORLD 🌎 Including guests from USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

Common topics include how to create more impactful fundraising strategies, fundraising for CEOs and board members, how to create stronger relationships with donors, important fundraising trends to be aware of and much, much more.

Generate more revenue for your cause

You’ll learn all the tips and tricks by listening to the experiences of world renowned fundraising experts. Our e-learning platform also provides an enhanced learning environment where interviews are broken down into bite-sized clips and placed in relevant categories. See Demo here. 

You’ll also be able to keep track of all your learnings, you can save your most important videos for later viewing and take notes through the platform as you go.

It really is the fastest way to gain fundraising inspiration!

But more importantly you’ll become a smarter fundraiser and you’ll gain the confidence to create ground-breaking fundraising strategies. Check out the interviews we’ve done through our Free Content section, and feel free to trial the e-learning platform FREE for 7 days to see if it’s your cup of tea ☕️ 

Here’s to better fundraising!

Jake Thornton
Founder and Managing Director of Fulfilled

The fulfilled podcast is now available!